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Links to blogs 2009-2010 on wildcrafting, foraging, and herbal medicine.

A link to my Ignite2 talk on wildcrafting

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Wildcrafting: what does a wild (and mostly local) dinner look and taste like? May 5, 2010 ramps, pesto, salad, fiddleheads, and more

Wildcrafting: The lowly dandelion - let it live (until you eat it) May 3, 2010 Dandelion

Wildcrafting: The redbud is lovely and tasty Apr. 30 2010 The rdebud tree

Wildcrafting: milkweed for monarchs or dinner Apr. 29, 2010 Milkweed

Wildcrafting: pepper plant is easy to spot now Apr. 26, 2010 Poor man's pepper

Wildcrafting: bee balm, the smell is the best part Apr. 24, 2010 bee balm

Wildcrafting: Stining nettle is early this year April 22, 2010 Stinging Nettle

Wildcrafting: The simple strawberry Apr. 21, 2010 Wild strawberry

Wildcrafting: Learn while serving when you participate in a rapid ecological assessment Apr. 8, 2010 The Huron River Watershed Council

Wildcrafting: In memorium - Barbara McVittie Feldt Apri 5, 2010 A tribute to my mom

Wildcrafting: ramps not yet rampant Apr. 5 2010 The wild ramp, or wild onion

Wildcrafting: Wild chives, a great beginning Mar. 31, 2010 wild chives

Wildcrafting: A look at raw milk and how politics, safety amd fear play into our food chain Mar. 30, 2010 local food and raw milk

Wildcrafting: What you find along the way  Mar 6, 2010 birds, mink, and  wildlife



Wildcrafting: maple sugaring in the city and the country Jan. 29 2010 How to tap maple trees




Wildcrafting: Cherry? Danger? Poisoning and more...  Oct. 8 2009 Cherry dogwood tree, service berries, plantain, dandelion, wild grape, Virginia creeper, paw paw, maple trees

Wildcrafting: staghorn sumac and sumacade Sept. 25 2009 Staghorn sumac and making sumacade


Wildcrafting: apples and new tastes Aug. 5 2009 Mayapples, milkweed, wild apples, making soda, mulberries

Wildcrafting: a weed to identify and remove and one to appreciate Aug. 3 2009  ragweed, goldenrod 

Wildcrafting: plan now to tap trees in February and March  Aug. 1 2009 maple syrup, milkweed, apricots, buckwheat pancake recipe

Wildcrafting: including purslane for lunch  June 30 2009 puslane, jewel weed, St. John's wort, black raspberries

Wildcrafting: St. John's Wort lesser known uses July 26, 2009 St. John's Wort

Wildcrafting: there is a free lunch, and here is how to find it July 24, 2009 developing foraging skills

Wildcrafting: local foods - what is there for the taking? July 24 2009 Intro to twitter, pigweed, purslane, bee balm, chicory, Virginia  creeper, yarrow, St. John's wort, service berries, strawberries, plantain, dandelion

Wildcrafting: tools July 21, 2009 Foraging tips

Wildcrafting and Linda Diane Feldt July 14, 2009 My introduction to the blog



My talk at ignite2 ann arbor on wildcrafting. The audio is tinny and weird, but you'll get the idea.





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