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Case Study, summary                                                                       Linda Diane Feldt

               Twin girls were born at 27 weeks and 3 days. Both experienced respiratory problems, lung problems, and patent ductus arterosis, conditions associated with premature birth. Baby B had surgery for her heart problem at two weeks of age.  Baby A was operated on later, as it was believed at first that the duct would close by itself. Drug therapy for Baby A was unsuccessful. After the heart surgery for Baby A the parents were informed that she was likely to die and it was suggested their minister be contacted for last rites. The concern for her life was based on an increasing frequent number of alarms.

               An additional complication was that both baby A and Baby B were allergic to the surfactant used for the lungs of premature babies.

               At approximately 8 weeks of age, both were having alarms approximately once per hour or more for respiratory and heart problems. Marsha Traxler, RN, WHNP, RPP, a Polarity Therapist with training in Cranialsacral Therapy and approximatly 20 years experience in each technique was asked to do sessions with both girls. Following her first session with each girl, neither had an alarm for 48 hours. This significant shift was mostly maintained for Baby A for the rest of her hospitalization and for Baby B until she had a later surgery to place a shunt in her head. The mother observed that each girlís ability to receive nourishment also improved significantly after the bodywork.

               Linda Diane Feldt, RPP, NCTMB, NC also a Polarity Therapist with training in Cranialsacral Therapy and approximatly 20 years experience in Polarity Therapy and 18 in Craniasacral Therapy, saw Baby B about three weeks later, her sister  was at home and Baby B was still in intensive care. After the session, a few hours later, a multi channel study was done and the improvement was significant enough that she was sent home that day. The correlation between the bodywork and the good results of the study may be entirely coincidence, but deserve further examination.

               Feldt has continued to see both girls on semi regular basis for the last two years. The most striking observation in that time period is that baby B has had a tendency to lose some function in her left arm. After a bodywork session each parent, as well as other caregivers, have noted clear and significant improvement each time in her use of her arm b oth immediatly following the session as well as for varying periods afterwards.






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