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Polarity Therapy

No classes are currently offered. When there is enough interest, I'll teach the beginning and intermediate classes which are each 8 weeks.

For more information on Polarity Therapy go to the web site of The American Polarity Therapy Association or to another helpful site Energyschool.com Wikipedia has an excellent article on polarity therapy. As this could be rewritten at any time  I've copied it below as well.


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Polarity Therapy is an alternative health care system developed by American doctor Randolph Stone DO, DC, ND (1890-1981). It is a synthesis of ancient Eastern and modern Western health care ideas centered on the concept of a Human Energy Field.[1] Polarity Therapy concepts and methods were developed by Stone over the course of more than fifty years of medical practice and research including extensive worldwide travel. Using touch, verbal interaction, exercise, nutrition and other methods,[2] Polarity Therapy seeks to balance and restore the natural flow of subtle energy, resulting in improved health and fitness on all levels.

Between 1947 and 1954, Stone published seven books describing Polarity Therapy principles and applications. These were subsequently consolidated into three volumes: Polarity Therapy Vol. I and Vol. II (CRCS, 1986), and Health-Building (The Book Publishing Co., 1999).

Principles of Polarity Therapy:[3]

-Energy precedes form. A subtle, largely invisible energetic system is considered to be the substrate for all phenomena, comparable to the electromagnetic bond between electron and proton that forms atoms. If the energetic flow is corrected and restored to its original design, the form will follow. Blockages in the flow of energy lead to pain and disease. While an electromagnetic metaphor is often used, Stone emphasized that the energy concept had a larger context; he referred to it as the "Breath of Life"[4] and used esoteric language (such as ki, chi, prana and life force) from spiritual traditions (especially mystic Christianity[5], Ayurveda,[6] Taoism, Hinduism[7], Buddhism,[8] Sufism and Yoga[9] to describe its deep identity and implications.

-Physical body, emotions, mind and spirit are considered to be layers of a unified interactive system; events on one layer affect the other layers. The physical body is described as continually precipitating from the subtle layers, as spiritual factors and mental attitudes coalesce into form. The physical body in turn sends a return information signal back to the subtle layers, thus creating a recurrent feedback loop.[10]

-Reciprocal complementary (polarized, hence the name of the therapy) forces, known as Yin and Yang in the Orient, are universal ordering principles. These dualistic forces have been described in many ways: attraction-repulsion, expansion-contraction, masculine-feminine, hyper-hypo, spirit-matter, invisible-visible, as well as in numerous other contexts. These dualities are said to be mediated by a subtle third neutral factor, leading to the idea that phenomena are essentially triune in nature. In Ayurveda, the three factors are known as Rajas, Tamas, and Satva.

-The yogic concept of the chakra, a series of functional energetic transformers located along the spine, is embraced and applied in numerous ways. The five chakras governing physical and emotional function are earth (pelvic floor- structure and security), water (pelvis- circulation and connection), fire (solar plexus- digestion, movement and will power), air (chest- respiration and desire), and ether (throat- expression, emotions and discrimination). Sixth and seventh chakras in the brow and crown are considered to be extra-physical in form and function.

-Polarity theory embraces the Ayurvedic concepts of reincarnation, karma and related esoteric spiritual ideas. According to Stone, the purpose of life is "the fulfillment of consciousness;"[11] the enduring soul takes on a body to acquire experience for the purpose of self-understanding and God realization. Polarity therapy is exceptional in having an ever-present interest in the link between spirit-matter and mind-body, and exploring how these large contexts might apply to specific health conditions.

-Energetic forces and factors can be palpated by the sensitive listener, and they can be affected by touch, attitude, diet, movement, sound and numerous other methods.

-Polarity Therapy has been linked to many other health care modalities, and is considered an open, inclusive, still-evolving system that is informed by many disciplines and applicable in a wide range of contexts. In particular, Polarity therapy has a mutually-supportive relationship with Oriental medicine, Ayurveda, Craniosacral therapy and Osteopathy, which all explore the subtle energetic factors in health conditions from their particular cultural viewpoints.

-Polarity Therapy is exceptional in embracing quantum physics concepts earlier and more richly than other alternative health care systems.[12]

-Substantial modern research supports the existence of an energy field and the plausibility of Polarity Therapy theory.[13] In addition there are about ten titles on Polarity therapy, written by authors after Randolph Stone and covering many aspects of the method.[14]

-Research supporting the validity of Polarity Therapy practice is not extensive or well-developed[15] however anecdotal reports and nascent research continues to fuel growth in interest.[16]

Polarity Therapy has four distinct areas of technique: touch, exercise, diet, and mental-emotional process. Polarity practitioners registered with the American Polarity Therapy Association should be knowledgeable in all four areas. However, most practitioners tend to favor one area over others, so the work may vary considerably from one practitioner to another.

As with all forms of body work, practitioners cannot and should not make any claims as to polarity's ability to heal a condition or illness. A person seeking alternative wellness techniques should closely monitor reactions to any technique. Additionally, since every practitioner is different, patients should work with more than one practitioner until they find someone that they consider a good match.

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