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A page in which I will attempt to explain, dream, and hopefully inspire on the subject of open courseware.

I've decided to make all the courses I teach everywhere I teach open to perusal and sharing. As an educator, I believe that the default position we should take is that whenever possible information should be shared. With the creative commons license, this is facilitated and some rights are reserved to your original material. With open sharing collaboration is encouraged. With open sharing peer relationships are encouraged, more people have access to your work and creative ideas, people can easily contribute to making your work better, people of like mind make their work available for you to build on, and your work can be a foundation for future teachers.

The commercial benefit is still being explored, but imagine open sharing as a unique way to develop interest in your commercial ventures, and to "market" yourself. Especially for those of us who don't enjoy conventional marketing and selling this is a whole new concept in finding means of support while also sharing information. I believe we will find out new ways to participate economically without competition, without traditional marketing, without have to hoard protect or clutch at information as a way to feel secure and successful.

I've always been attracted to generous teachers, who share in the classroom and don't ask you to buy a book or a further class or require special tools to progress. I've been offended at workshops that seem more a long sales pitch than an educational experience. I have always tried to be that generous teacher, and this is a way to make that impulse a reality.

Those are my initial thoughts. i'll add more as well as relevant links over the next few weeks. Now, back to adding more content!

-Linda Diane Feldt



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