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Herbal Allies for Menopause

Linda Diane Feldt, RPP,NCTMB, Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner

based on the work of Susun S. Weed, from her book Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way which can be ordered through Ash Tree Publishing

A Few Helpful Herbs - Please note that this is a very brief and basic listing of the herbs and their possible uses. I highly recommend consulting with an herbalist, and using additional books and resources before using particularly if you are interested in using more than one herb at a time.

Black Cohosh - Cimicifuga racemosa - tincture of root

            Can be used as sedative, tonic, nourisher. Relieves menstrual pain, headaches, lowers blood pressure, blood thinner, stops urinary spasms, decrease hot flashes, supplies estrogenic sterols and glycosides as well as micronutrients that support your body in hormonal production. Should not be used with menstrual flooding, before surgery, during pregnancy, can cause headache and dizziness.

Wild Yam - Dioscorea villosa (and others) - tincture of root or infusion of root (6 hours)

            May promote estrogenic activity, rich in phytosterols, promotes progesterone. Hormone balancing, for too frequent menstruation, helps spotting, cream helps prevent osteoporosis.

Dandelion - Taraxacum officinalis - all parts infused or tincture

            Outstanding liver nourisher. Helps digestion, water retention.

Sage - Salvia officinalis (and others) - tincture or mild infusion of leaves

            Helps end night sweats, hot flashes, has estrogenic effects, saponin help ease headache, nourishing for liver and stomach, discourages bacterial growth in bladder. Because of the strong essential oils, long term or excessive use may affect kidneys and liver.

Horsetail - Equisetum arvense - mild infusion of fresh spring plant

            May help restore bone, or decrease bone loss. Use of late spring herb or strong infusion may contain excessive silica and harm kidneys.

Motherwort - Leonurus cardiaca - tincture of flowering plant

            Re-establishes cycles both menstrual and cardiac. Can lesson hot flashes, irregular heart beat, use in acute situations or long term. Many women benefit from calming affects. May help with insomnia. Tones the heart and uterus. Helps periods to be regular.

Nettle - Urtica dioica (and others) - infusion of spring leaves and stalk

            Outstanding source of calcium and iron, nourishes adrenals and kidneys.

Chaste Tree - Vitex agnus-castus - tincture of berries

            Very slow acting, may take 1-2 months to be effective. Balance hormones, decrease fibroids and endometriosis, relieve cramps, helps post partum depression, decrease flooding, gently lowers estrogen levels and increases progesterone, helps spotting

Oatstraw - Avena sativa - infusion of green plant

            Nourishing for entire hormonal system, rich in calcium, helps blood vessels become more elastic, helps with insomnia. May act as mild aphrodisiac and help with fertility.

Hawthorne - Crataegus - tincture of berries

            Heart and uterine tonic. Long acting, may also decrease blood pressure.

Herbs that need a second look before using - Dong Quai - Angelica sinensis, Evening Primrose - Oenothera biennis, Goldenseal - Hydrastis canadensis, Ginseng - Panax



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