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Linda Diane Feldt

NCTMB, Holistic Health Practitioner and Herbalist

The Ann Arbor Center for Holistic Health and Traditional Wisdom



Imagine a Saturday that combines learning, good company, a nourishing lunch, and time for play-- swimming, boating, or just gazing at the water. The setting is a 100 year old log cabin, located on a lake.

These workshops offer all of that, at a reasonable price, and just 25 minutes from downtown Ann Arbor.


2006 schedule:

Herbal Intensive – Log Cabin Series – In this natural setting we’ll learn herbal preparations, what part of the plants to use when and why, and a coherent and supportive philosophy of herbalism. We’ll also explore individual plant allies. Saturday August 12 $50

Developing Intuition – Log Cabin Series – You’ll gain a better understanding of what intuition is, simple exercises and tools to increase intuition, and how to more easily use it in everyday life. Saturday August 26 $45

Introduction to Astrology – Log Cabin Series – We will cover the basics of planets, signs, houses, natal and return charts. Chars provided. A perfect class for the beginner or for anyone who would like a different perspective on understanding the energy of the planets. Saturday September 16 $40

Cranialsacral Therapy for Parents – Log Cabin Series – You’ll learn what cranialsacral therapy is, when it can be used, and some simple techniques you can use to help your kids. Handouts included. Saturday October 14. $50 ($75 for couple)

In place of the usual sliding scale, barter arrangements are available for wood cutting, brush clearing, gardening, carpentry, digging, cleaning, and other projects. Work for two hours, take 1/2 off the fee. Work for three hours, the class and lunch are free.

Classes are taught from 10-1, vegetarian lunch is served from 1-2, and you are welcome to stay and enjoy free time at this relaxing location until 4:30.

Class sizes very limited. Register early 734-662-4902, email



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