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Linda Diane Feldt

NCTMB, Holistic Health Practitioner and Herbalist

The Ann Arbor Center for Holistic Health and Traditional Wisdom



Herbal Wisdom Series Sponsored by The People's Food Co-op

Herbal Wisdom Series Sponsored by Whole Foods


2009 schedule - The People's Food Co-op

For seventeen years, this FREE class has been offered by Linda Diane Feldt. Currently held the Fourth Thursday of each month, 7:00-8:30, at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore. Register in person at The People's Food Co-op , call 734-994-4589, or e-mail.

September 24 2009, FREE, Nourishing and Medicinal Herbs - is there a difference?
Herbs are more than a substitute for drugs. In this class we'll explore a number of herbal traditions, talk about systemic support, and why nourishment is the ideal first approach to wellness and health.

October 22 2009, FREE, Menopausal Herbal Support and Allies - the Good News
Menopause is more accurately a multi year process and transition. The good news is that there are herbs to address every symptom, complaint and glitch in the process. You'll learn about many options, especially important to try before using the heavier duty herbs and drugs.

November 19 2009, FREE, Cancer and Heart Disease - a sensible herbal approach
We'll talk a lot about prevention, but also what to do if these are health concerns you are dealing with. Also how to sort out the wild claims from good products and therapies.

no class in December




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