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Linda Diane Feldt

NCTMB, Holistic Health Practitioner and Herbalist

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Cranialsacral Therapy at the Beginning of Life
An 8 month learning experience with Linda Diane Feldt

For nearly 30 years I have been attending births, and providing CST for newborns. I have found myself especially interested in resolving nursing problems, and helping with the baby’s birthing position. This valuable information needs to be shared. That is the intention of this class.

You will learn and practice:
• relevant anatomy and physiology
• feeling cerebral spinal fluid motion
• how to affect vital energy through CSF
• tracking and respecting energy, responsibility, and empowering the family
• understanding birth positioning
• understanding baby's participation (conventional model and other)
• developing intuition combined with subtle observation
• ways to help baby become aware and move
• CST during labor and delivery
• the importance and timing of the umbilical cord connection
• CST during interventions
• CST and common nursing problems
• CST and unusual nursing problems
• birth trauma
• unwinding
• ethical, practical, and emotional implications

The class will be offered to a minimum of 5 people, and not more than 8. You do not need to have prior experience with cranialsacral therapy to participate, some hands-on bodywork experience will help. The class will be tailored for midwives, doulas, labor coaches, and breast feeding counselors.

We will meet one Saturday afternoon a month for 3 hours, and one Wednesday evening a month for 2 hours for 8 consecutive months beginning in February.

February 26, March 9 and 26, April 6 and 23, May 11 and 28, June 8 and 25, July 6 and 23, August 10 and 27, September 14 and 24, October 12 are the days planned at this time.

16 classes total cost: sliding scale, $300-$450

We will meet at Indigo Forest, about 15 minutes west of downtown Ann Arbor. The class will not be offered again until 2012. Call 734-662-4902, e-mail ldfeldt@holisticwisdom.org
Space is limited, please register early. Payment plans available.




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