I'm a teacher rather than a healer. My work is to teach people how to take care of themselves. Nurturance and nourishment takes place within a community, with inspiration and direct support from other people. So my work, and pleasure, is also to help create and sustain that community.

Being in nature is the most basic way to nourish our spirits, and that has been a part of my life since I can remember. I've always had an appreciation for the plants, for undeveloped areas, and loved discovering what grew and lived outdoors. My interest and appreciation for nature has grown throughout my life.

At 10, I helped to save a wild area from being developed. At 14 I discovered I was good at massage therapy, and started taking classes. That year I also started work as a peer counselor for families and children. At 16 I received my first of three Governor's appointment to an advisory commission working to help young people in trouble. By 19 I was the Program Coordinator a federally funded runaway house, learning more about how simple validation, empathy and providing food and shelter can be so empowering and healing.

In 1979, at age 20, I was exposed to Polarity Therapy. My understanding of the body, mind and spirit connection began to unfold. I had a brief experience attended college at the University of Michigan, but decided I would learn more by pursuing teachers throughout the United States, learning what I could from each one. In the next three years I was deeply immersed in my alternative education, which included Polarity Therapy, Cranialsacral Therapy, therapeutic massage, work with midwives and the alternative birthing community, music, herbology, and more.

I began my private practice in 1980, seeing clients and teaching what I had learned. The pattern of life long learning was firmly established, and continues to the present. In 1989 I completed a two year apprenticeship in herbology, coming full circle (although more like a returning spiral) with my initial early interest in plants and nourishment.

The next part of my work was a return to the legal and legislative interests I had abandoned years ago. I became involved in national service, as a board member of The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and The American Polarity Therapy Association, eventually serving as president of that group. I've put those skills to used in continual engagement with other practitioners, as well as local service most recently as President of the Board of Directors for our local food co-op.

Eventually my early interest in being a writer also came to fruition. My first book was an instructional work on relaxation massage. Then a book on my mother's death, and a cookbook on dark green leafy vegetables. I wrote articles for national and local publications. I had a web site and then blog early in the game, now twitter, and embrace the use of technology to convey concepts hundreds and even thousands of years old as well as new ideas.

My work is with people of all ages, from in utero, and I was with my oldest client when she died at 104. I especially enjoy working with newborns helping with birth trauma and breast feeding issues, but also people with headaches, back pain, stress and tension of all kinds. Supporting people as they move to greater health and awareness is an honor. I integrate all that I know, so that my approach is truly holistic.

This website reflects as much of those interests and work as I can possibly include. Articles, class material, links to classes, my books, my blog on wildcrafting and herbal remedies, and my most recent work on integrating ethics into alternative health care are can all be accessed from this site. I welcome your sugestions and comments.

Linda Diane Feldt, May 2010